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We’re not familiar with Purity Products as they are not associated with our company, but yes customers may cancel anytime during the 18 day trial either by phone, email, or through our online customer portal, and they will not be charged anything additional nor will they have to return their sample. That is theirs to keep.

Just remember to always mark the date down of a delivery of any pills, tablets etc that are sent to you on a trial basis. This applies to many companies like Purity etc., if the pills sent do not meet with your expectations then notify the company WELL BEFORE the expiry date they gave you for 18days trial ...

then phone 16 days before and inform them of your wish to terminate the contract. I often find, personally speaking of course, ... that the persons advertising their products on air... will use an abundance of glowing enthusiasm that their products will rejuvenate you beyond all belief.....Ha,Ha,Ha.

Of course they are paid to do that .

Regrettably, sometimes your body might not be as receptive as others in this case you have to notify the company before the next replenishment date. Having been there has given me the encouragement to help others become aware of the fate of late cancellation

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