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Instaflex - scam auto ship program

Instaflex has perfected the simplicity of scamming people with a trail offer and fine-print authorizing repeat monthly auto-ship at high prices. Don't know if the product works, don't care. They took my money with sleight of hand. The offer is associated with fine companies like GNC, Rite-Aid,,,, and the Arthritis Foundation for credibility. The offer is for a sample trial amount at a low cost. Seems like any promotion to get consumers to try the product. The problem is that it is not obvious and clear that you are obligating yourself to a monthly subscription. Pills com in the mail with no paperwork so I took me a while to find the charges on my credit card and figure out I had been played. The company only credits back 30 days activity. I guess this is where the stay legal and appear to be a stand up company and avoid the scam laws. Shame on me for not smelling a rat - shame on them for being a rat. (Not intended to hurt the feelings of rats or rat lovers).
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Instaflex scam? Not necessarily.

Instaflex is not scam. They have a decent product. Check out Consumer Health web site. However...The sample free for shipping & then charge you later is common on the internet. But you should not be stuck. Visa should back you up. Call them and explain situation. They will look into it. They did me with another web purchase. Now I read read read the fine print and post the date on my calendar that I need to call & cancel so I am reminded to call if I don't want more. It's always wise to keep that that 'buyer beware' concept in mind. Particularly with purchases on web sites! Good luck.
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Ddl instaflex took money from my account without authorization.

I ordered a trial sample of ddl instaflex for 4.99 April 2011. The product did not make any difference in the pain level and I wasn't going to order. I guess it doesn't matter what I want because I just checked my account and $74.98 was charged to my account. This business is a total scam and I can't believe they are still operating. This is the last time I order any trial *** again. I should have checked reviews and bbb before I ordered. I only hope I can get my money back but that seems doubtful. I'm definitely worried about this company having my account numbers. Jim
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Instaflex in Bellevue, Washington - Istaflex-you guy's are a riot

I read Instaflex reviews - Amazon,here and instaflex site. I agree with some reviewers-everyone "authorised" Instaflex to deduct monthly card payments. Funniest question - "how did they get my card #?" You gave it to ship product! However I would be pissed if it happened to me. There is no free lunch -i read conditions when offered free product. It's common practice-like book clubs sending monthly book unless you cancel. I hate these auto deals - don't even give address unless i know I'll buy. BTW, many Amazon reviwers said takes 2 months to work -not 14 days
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A good word for Instaflex

I signed for what I thought was just a trial supply of Instaflex for $5. In doing so, I inadvertently signed up for an automatic monthly $74.98 shipment. Misleading perhaps, but it's my own fault for not paying attention to the order information. After I noticed the $74.98 charge to my Visa, I called Instaflex. I was given courteous treatment and an RMA number to use in returning the unopened package. I received the package and sent it back along with a delivery confirmation form. Instaflex credited my Visa account for the $74.98 within a week.
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