Frackville, Pennsylvania

I have never been treated like an imbecile,*** and my feelings go on so DEEPLY WITH ANGER.When I agreed to use your product, I made it perfectly clear that my MILITARY DISABILITY CHECK came on the THIRD THIRD of every month . Since Sam and his lack of PROFESSIONALISM,HONESTY and down right lies.I am told I have only him and his superior,(guess who trained Sam).I know how to treat people like a used car salesman,I was one for eight yearsand very good I might add.I was charged $40.00 because AGAIN you pulled a payment for my productInstaflex.This pilfering of my finances violating the VERBAL AGREEMENT ALSO KNOWN AS A CONTRACT have a dictionary?Sams argument concentrated on the payment could not be refunded because the product was sent already. That has nothing to do with taking my funds before the third Wensday of EVERY MONTH. you made this mistake numerous times and have you heard of setting policy for operations that HAVE to adhere ?I had to use my own time to go to the bank(you know the one that you haveme embarrassed, a couple times.Imagine a Decorated/ Disabled Vet treated the way I was.No wonder I lost my temper. Good thing I behaved!

Dale R. Jezick

Cell: 570-540-3353

P.S.I would appreciate a note upon receipt.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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