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Hi – we’re sorry if you tried the product and did not experience the results you were hoping for. While Instaflex may not work for everyone, as there are many different types of root causes for joint discomfort. The ingredients in Instaflex such as Glucosamine, Turmeric, and White Willow bark and been studied extensively in regards to their joint discomfort powers. Instaflex is sold in variety of manners such as on the web, in retail stores like GNC, and also on an autoship program. People on the autoship program may cancel any time during or after the trial period with no requirement for a future purchase.
Phoenix, Arizona

Order a trial two week sample, which you will find produces nothing of what they claim, and two weeks later get billed for another thirty day supply @ $2.50 a day, also that will probably do nothing beneficial. Once they receive your account # for the trial sample, they steal their "Cash-Cow" from your account for their 'Recurring Monthly Revenue, (RMR), their main scam!!

Low-life Desperados ! ! Their "bait & switch" tactic does not clearly disclose their scam to subsequent billing.

They simply use your account for their gain, your cash in their account to generate their RMR. Their claim produces little more than an advertising hype to get your money, which you relent on the premise of pain relief.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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