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At 1pm on April 9, 2015, I received an unsolicited telemarketing call from "Instaflex" from 1-877-8693310. I am on the Do Not Call registry.

I am reporting this to the appropriate agencies and thought you should be notified as well. Do not call again. This is an infringement on my privacy. If I had ever thought about purchasing Instaflex, that has definitely changed.

I would recommend that you use the money you currently use for robocalls and telemarketing for research and development. I am not sure why you require 100 words in this statement but since you do, I continue to write.

Thank you.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Have your company stop calling me with unsolicited telemarketing calls..

Instaflex Cons: Unsolicited telemarketing calls.

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thanx a lot-they have called me at least a dozen times,and I'm on the "do not call or call anyway" registry