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I ordered free sample (2-wk trial) of Instaflex for 4.99 plus shipping. Little did I know, I would be charged 74.98 approximately 3 weeks later for a supplement I did not order and did not authorize to deduct from my personal checking account.

After contacting Instaflex to resolve this issue, I quickly realized they did not to assist an unsatisfied consumer. The initial customer service representative was rude and condescending, requested to speak with his manager, "Rudy" as further realized poor service was acceptable. I was informed in order to get full refund I would have to wait until said product was delivered, return product (it could be empty box all they cared), and then I would receive my refund. I don't believe it because they already have my money.

Rudy was not helpful. Rudy is puppet in a bigger scheme of unethical business practices that is acceptable within this company. I warn you and anyone thinking of doing business or purchasing products from this company.

You will NOT be satisfied, DON'T DO IT. Find another retailer to conduct your business because Instaflex is the WORST!

Product or Service Mentioned: Instaflex Free Trial.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $75.

Instaflex Cons: Unethical business practices.

  • Instaflex Scam
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Mountain View, California, United States #1272953

They charged me $4.95 then $29.95 on the same day. Called to cancel and told them I want the $29.95 back.

Said I had to return the bottle. My mother had emergency surgery that was life or death so I was a little busy to keep up with the free trial bottle. Now things have calmed down and I see they billed me twice in the same day on my bank account. Was put on hold for 5 minutes then told she couldn't find a supervisor.

Stay away. I'm my opinion insteflex is unethical.


Whenever I see a "Free" offer that requires a credit card number, I run. Take the LinkedIn website for example.

They kept offering me a "free" 30 trial offer for their Premium membership, and it required a credit card number. And they are not shipping anything either, so there is no cost to them. I sent an email asking why they need a CC# for a Free trial. I never got a response.

They're just banking (literally) on people forgetting so they can bill them for the second month.

Shameful scam. The heck with that.