Mooresville, North Carolina

eturned order to instaflex,they refuse to reimburse my credit card. spoke with tnem, they only are willing to reimburse half of cost.

even though i returned entire order that i did not authorize to start with. i only ordered a trial offer, they sent a complete 90 day supply. called and got a ra # that i returned on april 26 / 2011. my next credit card statement still has the charge on it.

i called on 5/27/2011. spoke to crystal.

she will only reimburse $40.00 of a $75.00 bill. this is a rip off, they intend to make $ 35.00 on something i did not order and have returned to them unopened.

Monetary Loss: $75.

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did you get a tracking number? i called in with my tracking number and they were able to refund even though it didn't confirm delivered.


We'd be more than happy to look into this return issue for you. If you can email us at we'd can look into the return status and see what we can do to help.


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