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Initially I ordered the ""trial"" sample and paid the $4.99 for shipping. Within the time period allowed to cancel further shipments I called to cancel further shipments at which time the customer service rep offered me another bottle at ""no charge"" and I was not even charged for shipping.

I thought........ok, I'll give it a couple more weeks and see if indeed this stuff really works. Well...........I HAVE been PAIN FREE for a week now !!!!!!! I was told if I wanted to cancel an ""auto-ship"" I needed to call by Oct. 31st.

(today). Prior to making the call I had noticed on-line that my credit card had ALREADY been charged for the $74+ for another shipment. I called ""Instaflex"" and the rep assured me my credit card would be refunded. We'll see????

BTW.........I only stopped using the ""Instaflex"" temporarily due to the fact I'm seeing a doctor for my knees and he wants to verify whether my knees are improving or my relief is temporary and due to something other than the ""Instaflex"". Within a week or so I should know and it's VERY likely I may be ordering more of the ""Instaflex"".

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Instaflex Pros: Received additional free trial.

Instaflex Cons: Charged before cxl date.

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Helotes, Texas, United States #911462

This stuff didn't help me a bit. Plus the fact I got scammed for over $70 bucks when I ordered the $4.00 dollar for the free sample shipping charges.

I had my debit card canceled because I feared this outfit would gouge me again for another bottle of this worthless junk. If you fall for this scam, then don't say you haven't been forewarned.

I did learn a valuable lesson however. No longer will I ever fall for a freebee promotion.