Saint Petersburg, Florida

Hi, I have tried so many in the last 18 yrs and even made my own formulas. i had one

where I used 42 different nutrients for the whole body. I use it like you use salt and pepper. I'm 87 and in good health except for my knees. i ruined them with 32 yrs of racquetball. At 70 yrs old i could not hardly walk 5 min without resting. Glucosamine &

chondroitin with MSM got me doing much better. I tried every one of these formulas

from G & C to Alpha ll, Supple, your old Instaflex, Omega XL, Luna FlexPM, etc. Right

now I'm using Dr, David Williams Joint Advantage Gold 5X & not much change so far.

I have no complaints because I can at least do my own yard work and shopping.I have to use the shopping carts for big stores. I'll know in less than 14 days if it works and if it does, I will be a steady satisfied customer, even at that price. Thank you. Ray

Reason of review: I hope it takes me to the next level, back to the gym!!!.

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