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After I saw the ad on Newsmax I ordered the trial sample for $4 and change. After the trial sample I received an additional bottle and was billed $74.98. Before I had a chance to contact them and complain I received another bottle of pills today.

I will send these back, but consider the payment of $74.98 the cost of a lesson learned.

I intend to tell my Instaflex story to many people. I am a salesman so I have contact with many people every day. I feel like I was taken advantage of, and will warn others.

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Unfortunately many of us don't read the fine print stating they will automatically send a shipment each month unless you cancel before the end of the trial period. I too fell under the trap of the free trial but folks let's be realistic, we don't getting nothing for free.

We have to learn to be ahead of the game by asking ourselves, "What's the catch?" then investigate by reading the whole article, which includes the fine print.

I learned the hard way, and another bit of advice is check on the consumer reviews on the product before ordering.


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Didn't you see the terms next to the checkout button and the checkbox you had to check that said you agreed to the terms?