West Linn, Oregon

Had the same exact experience , I had cancelled it 10 days back . Still I got $74.95 bottle , inspite of my cancelling it 7-10 days before. I rcvd the $74.95 bottle , the co claims that I must. Have contcted. Another co , I called up the no that was on their 14 day sample for. $$5 blister pack. . Now I too have to send it back . && get a tracking no , I can't do that as I 'm immobile, partial. . Otherwise thy won't issue me a refund .v, the best co is Amazon in the world , everywhere in the world they do call tags . Even eBay sellers are better than this co , they never ever do anything like that , they even pay for return shipping sometimes . I called the no on the sleeve of the blister pack. How can I call another co , I'd saved it like dear life . I even asked the operator her name , Julia or something , I put it down at such a place. Can't find now .



Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Instaflex Cons: Being lied to.

  • Instaflex Scam
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