Keene, New Hampshire

Ordered sample and then received a full bottle and was charged and today received another bottle with another bill without approval. I will be notifying my charge card not not pay for either bottle.

I will be sending back for credit. Instaflex is the product and it did not work for my wife. The sample was tried with no obvious results and I wonder what kind of problems I will have in getting credit as it was advertised as guarantee or your money refunded.

I am finding more and more problems with Internet

orders of this kind. When someone is having a problem they will try almost anything that might give them some relief.

Monetary Loss: $65.

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This place is a scam. I, like many others, saw an ad in a magazine for a free sample of Instaflex and supposedly only had to pay $4.99 one time.

Well today I look at my checking account on line they have taken $74 out twice. I called the company and got some lunatic on line who kept whistling and making noises while I was trying to resolve the matter. I asked him to please stop making the noises and he said he was just having a wonderful day. I have cancelled my credit card because they have put me on the automatic monthly shipment of this product that I did not authorize.

He said the only way I could get my money back was to return the product when I received them (they had already been sent out) and that I would not have to pay shipping. He claimed that I did not read the conditions of what I had paid for and that it clearly stated if I did not call them and tell them I did not want the product after 18 days, the product would automatically be mailed to me. The form I filled out on line did not state this in any way. I don't even know where to turn them over to the Better Business Bureau because I don't have the company name or address.

This is fraud to say the least and I have been burned. Both my husband and myself are on disability. I just think of the hundreds of other people like us who are on limited income that have been taken by this hoax. It infuriates me.

The person I talked to needed to be on some type of medication because he continually made inappropriate noises and sounds with his tongue when there was any moment of silence in the conversation.

I am furious with nowhere to turn to get my money back.


The below comment was not made by our company, but rather someone pretending to be us. We have asked pissedconsmer several times to have this comment removed but they have not as of yet. We are always available to help our customers who need any service or help via phone by calling 877-869-3310 or by emailing us at


Wow InstaFlex, what a response for a gentleman who is obviously not computer literate. I would expect a more customer oriented response explaining the autoship program and a sorry that the product did not help his wife.

It's a shame that in 2012 customer service has almost vanished, your response is almost a slap in his face!

Please talk with this gentleman and help him.


We have your order, signed and confirmed by you. We will continue to send you these products and you will pay for them.

If you do not pay; we will just take the funds via your bank information that you so kindly gave us when ordering. Thanks!