Trabuco Canyon, California
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Didn't do a thing for me , then they sent me a full bottle in the mail which I didn't ask for! no invoice nothing but the bottle .

I am though with these scammers, never again will I order anything by mail , sick of these come on. To heck with them all especially these people.

I sent and email and sent a complaint so far no response we will see on Monday what they do

Very tired of these type of claims to try things then they auto sign you up without agreeing to it in some fine print. Really how do these people sleep at night!

Reason of review: didnt work didnt want anymore sent on the last day i took the pills CON.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #871066

It would seem to me that your complaint is no sleep, or your looking for a cure all. If it's a cure all then use a shotgun, once you have a major injury to the spine it will never be 100% These people may beable to help 30% of sufferers out there then that's a good thing, but it sounds to me like you think you can take one pill and have a perfect spine LOL.

Some of us would like to have 5 hours of sleep or stop our legs from swelling or the pain that tricks you brain to believe your legs are broken. If its c clerical error deal with it, Man up. I've seen oddballs order a pizza eat 90% then want there cash back.

Everyone of them are losers, unless they found a finger tip in it. If you want a real refund write to God and ask him for a refund as the soul you seem to have is shriveled up.

Have a nice day.