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Hi Frances, we show that you were able to get your refund and we received the return. We also show that phoned in a few months later and reactivated your account. If you need any additional help please don't hesitate to give us a call at 877-869-3310.

Atlanta, Georgia

You have sent me an order of instaflex that I did not order. Although I like the product, I do not have funds available in my budget and account at this time.

Please credit my account immediately unless you incur additionl fees because of this. When I am ready to reorder, I will, but do not accept you sending me this product when I didn't request it.

Please notify me when you have corrected this error and I will send this product back to you.I want Instaflex to contact me regarding this error of theirs. They have my information when I first placed an order thank you

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Arcadia, Indiana, United States #235038

Anita, you have told Instaflex that you will return the product AFTER they correct their "error." First, NOBODY gives a refund without first receiving back the product you claim you like but cannot afford. After all, you can't go to KMart and say, "I bought something, but now I realize I can't afford it. Give me my money back, and then I'll bring the item back to you."

Second, if you got their free trial, you DID authorize the subsequent order to be sent. You may not have read the terms where it told you that, but by placing that order and not canceling it within 18 days, you agreed to receive a new monthly supply every 30 days or so.

Don't be mad at them because you don't read, and because you refuse to return the product until they "fix" the problem - including refunding your money. That's all on you, not Instaflex.

Send them back the product using the RMA number they gave you, and go to the extra expense of getting a return receipt so you can prove later that they received your return if they continue to refuse to refund your money AFTER they get the product back.

And next time you want to order something online, READ the terms of service BEFORE sending your credit card number!


Please notify me when you have corrected this error. I want Instaflex to contact me regarding this error of yours.

You have my information when I first placed the trail order.

I called your customer service department and spoke to Craig and he gave me a number to write down in the package in order to return the order back to Instaflex. I was given RMA number and I was advised to get tracking number when sending the order back, your representative stated that if you do not get the order back you will not refund the charges that you applied un-authorized to my account.



Please contact us directly at or 877-869-3310 and we will be glad to help you.


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