San Leandro, California

I orderd the trial and got it. Upon further research to determine if it was safe to take (yes, I should have done more reading before I ordered the trial), I learned that by getting the trial offer, I was signing up for an auto shipment monthly for $74.98.

This is the only way I leaned about this. Upon searching further on their website, I did see in 'terms and conditions" that I was signing up for a monthly delivery. But really, who reads the all that?? If it were upfront, it should have stated in the same size font and place where it advertises the trial.

Upon calling instaflex customer service, and cancelling future deliveries and charges, I was advised that if I wanted to stay with the future orders, it could be at $49 instead of $78. Not sure if that was the first order or all subsequent orders. I still cancelled. And maybe the product works and maybe I am cutting my nose off to spite my face; I don't like being manipulated like that.

Would have been much better to be more upfront with it.

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