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How to cancel free trail

no anwser for cancel call

1 answer
By Admin on Behalf of the Company #1739050
Adam – Customer may cancel by contacting customer service through phone, email, chat, text, or through Facebook messenger. We have canceled your account for you and you were sent an automated email confirming this as well.

I want to cancel orders for Instaflex,

Dr, wants me to stop using this product, It was not really doing much help !

2 answers
My name is Felix Fernandez and I like to cancel any account that you provide me direct or undirect I do not like your business.
By Admin on Behalf of the Company #1723873
Chris – Your account has been canceled and an automated email was sent to the email address we have on file to confirm this as well. Should you need any additional assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us back directly.
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Instaflex in CANADA

Haw & where can I buy Instaflex in Canada ( Ottawa ) or at least on line

1 answer
By Admin on Behalf of the Company #1682923
Hi – You can buy Instaflex at your local GNC store in Canada (, directly from us, or from Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any trouble ordering

received empty envelop for my subscription

I am a subscriber to Instaflex Advanced Caplets. On Feb 10 I received your plastic envelop but it was empty, It was marked RECEIVED IN DAMAGED CONDITION, "no contents inside" by the post office.

The tracking number for USPS tracking was 9400-11**-**22-3486-****-09 Mary M West, 1717 Oregon St, Berkeley CA 94703-****.

Please refund my credit card. Thank you, Mary 510-990-**** home phone

1 answer
By Admin on Behalf of the Company #1444796
Mary – We’re terribly sorry to hear your package arrived this way. In the future, should something like this arise please contact us directly at 800-436-0920. We have issued you a full refund for the error with this package.
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