Toronto, Ontario
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I recently ordered a free sample of Instaflex but like most people I did not read all of their web page and did not see the part about autoship. This is a terrible way for a respeted company to get customers.

It is as close to being a crook as possible. J called and cancelled the order but I would not t rust this company so I contacted my bank and asked for a new credit card and I disposed of the old. There is an old latin saying 'caveat emptor' which means BUYER BEWARE.

Read EVERYTHING before you order. I hope this helps someone.

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congrats--at least you did admit you made the mistake--so many blame companies for something the company did not do--i agree they operate just under the law--they know what they can get away with and do it in a under handed way--everyone wants to blame someone else for something they did and 99% of the time its just because they didn't take the time to really read what was in front of them