Saint John's, Newfoundland And Labrador
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I order free 15 day trial for joints, for 4.99 shipping costs then less then 15 days later they put a charge on my credit card for 30 supply costing 74.98 pissed this is a scam for those people whom dont check there credit cards monthly. I want my money back and I should be compensated for the in convience that this has cost me this afternoon and right into tomorrow with having to deal with my credit card company the local authorities and and having to get in touch with someone at Instaflex whom is closed for the holiday this company has wasted my valuable time and energy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Instaflex Free Trial.

Monetary Loss: $74.

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"...I order free 15 day trial for joints, for 4.99..."

Whoa, that's cheap. Is it good bud, man? Did you see Jesus?