Vancouver, British Columbia
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My mom asked me to review the ingredients in Instaflex as she had a bad reaction after taking the pills for 2 days. I found this Pissed Consumer website when I googled 'Instaflex review' and quickly let her know about all these complaints.

She immediately went to her bank and they told her they would not be able to stop the charge on her visa from going through. They did however help her in finding the phone number and finding out that she could call Instaflex directly within 18 days of her ordering the sample to cancel the automatic charge. She did that and today got an email from Instaflex stating that her order has been cancelled. The phone number she called is 1-877-869-3310.

We're in Canada so I'm not sure if the same toll free number would be used for those in the US.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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I want to cancel auto ship where do i get there phone no