Orlando, Florida

Ordered a FREE sample of the product and paid $4.99 shipping. Before I'd even finished the sample, I got another large bottle of 90 tablets.Sample was shipped 9/15/11 and 2nd bottle was shipped 10/3/11. There was no paperwork in either the sample bottle or the next shipment. I did not know what the product would cost till I received my charge card bill ($74.99 ?????)

Now we have received a 3 shipment of 90 tablets with no paperwork.

These folks are scam artists.

P.S. The product contains Tumeric which my physician says I cannot take because I am taking Plavix.

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It clearly states - at the page where you put your credit card info in - that unless you cancel you will recieve automatic shipments charged to your credit card. Duh!


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