Saint Petersburg, Florida

Have taken Osteo Bi-Flex for over 5 years. Decided to try Instaflex Advanced to see if it might work better.

Instead of getting caught in the automatic re-orders, I bought the 14 pill bottle at Walgreens and dropped the Osteo. Tried a second 14 pill bottle hoping results would improve. Cost is $2.00 per pill. Results never improved so I went back to Osteo.

I take the triple strength 2 pill a day Osteo that I buy at Sam's club for $27.99 for 190 tablets. That works out to just under 30 cents a day.

I'm a very active 66 year old and have had three knee surgeries, not all on the same knee. Wish results had been better, but for now, will stick with the Osteo Bi-Flex.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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I've been using glucosamine sulfate since 1998 and it has helped immensely. Earlier this year I was diagnosed with the gout - glucosamine uses shellfish/fish in their blend - which I have to avoid.

Instaflex advanced doesn't use shellfish/fish so I tried it.

For the last 3 months I have felt slightly better in the knees, back and ankle (gout hit me hard here). So if you're body can handle shellfish/fish I would stay with the glucosamine.


Thanks for the information about Osteo Bi Flex. I had a hip replacement and suffer from arthritis, and have old sports knee injuries. I'll try out the Osteo Bi Flex.