Bristol, Tennessee

When I checked my account I found a charge for seventy some dollars I didn't wasn't made by me. I'm on fixed income so I have to stay on a strict budget.

I can't afford to have an unplanned charge on my account, so I need you to remove the charge mainly because I didn't approve it. If I decide later to get the product I'll contact you, until then I don't need any more unexpected charges. For now I'll keep this between us, but I'm knowledgeable enough of the legal system to take it farther if I need to. Thank You


C. Hicks

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I'm also an unfortunate victim of this scam.They don't even ask their customers about the result of their supplements.It's absolutely do any good for me and charged me $74.98 into my account without telling or authorization from me before or after.They told me that there were fine print on left hand side on the same page of submitting the trial period. They are correct but this is tricky scam to me.When I called,they told me to return the product and as soon as they received the thing,they will immediate refund my money.I sent them back Monday and today Friday,still haven't heard a word from them.What a company!



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