Bellevue, Washington

I read Instaflex reviews - Amazon,here and instaflex site.I agree with some reviewers-everyone "authorised" Instaflex to deduct monthly card payments.

Funniest question - "how did they get my card #?" You gave it to ship product! However I would be pissed if it happened to me. There is no free lunch -i read conditions when offered free product. It's common practice-like book clubs sending monthly book unless you cancel.

I hate these auto deals - don't even give address unless i know I'll buy.BTW, many Amazon reviwers said takes 2 months to work -not 14 days

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i was thinking about ordering instaflex and

i came here to get reviews on the product.

Sadly all i get to read is complaints on the auto ship and billing.Everyone knows you always read the terms and conditions.

They plainly say you are on a auto ship plan unless you call and cancel before the trial end date as is with almost everything you recieve a free trial of online.:?

ali-abu Ahar

Hey Genius, look up how to spell authorized.