Miami, Florida

i ordered a free sample of instaflex and the next month they billed me 74.98 for and sent 1 bottle of instaflex to me . i called them on 3-18-2011 and they said to end it back, sent it back on 3-19-2011 ,they keep saying they are going to refund me they never have,they just keep stringing me along what a bunch of crooks, it is now 5-22-2011 and still nothing done. there must at least 100 or more complaints against them, i dont know how they get away with this.i am going to call the state consumer fraud and the bbb on them.

Monetary Loss: $74.

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Now now JT no reason to defend the unethical sleezball my self im going to take a dump in a box and return that them.

or maybe i'll send something else LMAO


The charges are not unauthorized. The small print clearly states that unless you call to cancel within 18 days of your order for the sample, you will begin receiving auto ship once a month which costs 69.99 plus shipping and handling. I don't work for these people, nor have I ordered their sample, but let's be realistic folks...there's always "fine print".