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Halifax, Nova Scotia

My complaint is the same as others at this site regarding Insta-Flex. I am an old "*** ***" looking for pain relief along with my wife.

The "trial offer" and delivery fee is simply a way to get your creditcard and/or bank info. Then without authority or request, they keep sending these unsolicited deliveries of Instaflex and billing ones account in the neighbourhood of $73-76US. When I called they don't explain why they sent these unrequested items; but simply that they will refund the last order if I sent it back unopened. By the way each order that I received had been torn open when I got it from the mailbox.

Now I'm wondering?

Are the Mailmen in on this as well?


I feel we need a Class Action lawyer to take on this matter. No doubt our consumer affairs departments will not.

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i got scammed on the HcG thing about a year ago and had the same issue. Even tried to go thru my bank to refute the charges, but like the person before me stated, once you hit the "submit" button, they have you.

There is however a 1-80o number provided in small print somewhere for you to stop the mailing if you dont wish to order. sorry for your stress :(


The reason the box was looked into was to make sure there was no illegal drugs and such in the box. They do this to almost all boxes.

I am not sure who does this but I know that the USPS is not on the take. Please read everything before you give them your credit card.

I learned the hard way too. So Sorry


Actually, had you read the terms and conditions to the left of the button that says Complete your order, you would have realized that signing up for the free trial automatically enrolls you in the home delivery program. I recommend that you read terms and conditions on offers from now on.

Have a lovely day.