Reston, Virginia

I am annoyed that a company would "sign me up" for something I did not request further I was billed and my attempts to recover the full amount of the billing has not been honored because of some ruling made by Instaflex

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It's sad to say you did not read the statement before you hit 'send my free trial' - it stated they would send you a 30 day refill at $69.99 + 4.99 S+H AFTER your 14 day trial period adding 2 days to process and receive the trial. You can also cancel at any time.

I am surprised in these times and hearing about 'the fine print' that people still do not read before completing their orders.

I just ordered a free trial and marked my calendar 15 days from now to CANCEL (that is if It doesn't work or I don't like the product!)


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