Spokane, Washington

Instaflex is not scam. They have a decent product.

Check out Consumer Health web site. However...The sample free for shipping & then charge you later is common on the internet. But you should not be stuck. Visa should back you up.

Call them and explain situation. They will look into it. They did me with another web purchase. Now I read read read the fine print and post the date on my calendar that I need to call & cancel so I am reminded to call if I don't want more.

It's always wise to keep that that 'buyer beware' concept in mind.

Particularly with purchases on web sites! Good luck.

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I got hit with the auto order results before I had time to let them know it was not working for me. They did give me an RMA number and sent it on Oct 8, and was told they would issue a credit to me.

No credit issued so I called. They had no record of it's receipt. I was then asked if I had a tracking number, I did. Then I find out it was rec'd on Oct 12.

I of course asked if their policy is to wait for a call before issuing the credit, and after a pause, was told no.

I don't believe them - think how much they save with that approach. Will never order from these guys or GNC.


The number on our bottle is not a 1-900 number and it is a toll free number within the US. Our customer service number is 1-877-869-3310.


they i ordered one bottle now it comes in the mail and the number on the bottle,when you call that number it give a 1900 number that will cost you $1.99 am minute that do sound like a scam


Dispute fraudulent charges immediately through your bank, under FRB Reg. E, and close your account due to fraud to prevent additional fraudulent charges. Your bank can reverse fraudulent charges showing on statements dated up to 60 days earlier than your original date of dispute.

Follow up to your bank dispute with a written dispute or fraud affidavit sent to your bank's dispute address, and file a fraud and theft complaint with your local police, FTC, your state Attorney General, and at www.ic3.gov.


Rating: 0 tj - 21 Oct 2010

Scammers will generally try to delay you with promises to "investigate", lies about how "you agreed", promises to send a "refund form", and other tactics designed to delay you past the 60 day dispute period where your bank can recover your money.

Credit card disputes are under FCBA, checking account disputes under FRB Reg. E. Either way, dispute through your bank to get back fraudulent charges.


Rating: 0 Theo - 15 Nov 2010

I too signed up for the free trial in July and they have been debiting my CC ever since. And sending these pills every month. There is no return address to send back the items. I live overseas; is there anyway to get a redress?


Rating: 0 g.a. - 26 Nov 2010

The same thing happend to my mom.She is 75,and this co. is taking advantage of a lot of people.She ordered the $4.98 S/H 14 day trial then they charged on her card $79. and change, and get this for nothing she never recieved what the statement read. A 30 day trial.Now we are having problems with her C.CARD.....


Rating: 0 Gloria - 27 Nov 2010

I signed up for the free trial and was to pay the shipping charges only.

I was charged $74.98 on my credit card. I have called my bank and reported

this fraud and have cancelled my card. Hoping to get this charge credited

to my account.


Rating: 0 John Alvey - 14 Feb 2011

Ordered the trial lot, then received the larger lot and was charged $74.98 on my credit card, I did not order this larger amount another scam? How and where do I return it?


Rating: 0 Gail - 19 May 2011


This co. has ILLEGALLY debited my account more than $75. (Plus any bank fees.) They had NO AUTHORIZATION to do this. This co. is a SCAM. I am a poor & disabled person. Now I am in the negative and cannot get my Pharmacy meds!! SHAME ON YOU!!! PLUS THESE DON'T WORK!! MORE SHAME ON YOU!!! You will be reported as a fraudulent "co." and I hope someday you will REALLY pay for the problems you have caused all of us here.

Like these others have stated, THIS IS A BIG SCAM!!

I ordered the "FREE" sample, a 14-day supply and was to pay only for the S/H @ $4.99. I DID NOT AUTHORIZE ANY MORE. My Bank will be involved now Mr. Liar.