Miami, Florida

What kind of reputable company has to trick you into buying their product? Maybe it is one that has something to hide?

If your product is all good why conduct business in this manner. Something is not right here and we should all raise the question. Their customer service is also trickery, "We will refund you but it may take up to 2 weeks or we can offer you $40 right now and you keep the product." Who does this?

Very concerned, what are they hiding. Always read the fine print not all of us are honorable or honest today.

Monetary Loss: $74.

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INSTAFLEX is truly a scam...My advice if yuo have ordered it is to call and cancel your subscription and then call your bank and have a new card issued with a different credit card number. If you dont...then dont be surprised when they keep hitting you for $78 bucks each month.


Do you realize how this comment sounds.... I think they are doing you a favor.

Send the product back and you get all your money, or you can get 40 back instantly. most companies don't even offer that. I called in and they gave me the same options. i took the 40....

its still a good deal and now i have a xmas present for my father who is having knee troubles.

its going to be different for everyone. stop blaming other people for your mistakes


Thanks to all for your reviews. I was logged to the Instaflex website, put in my name, address, and phone number and stopped short when they asked for my credit card and decided to do more research on the product.

I wanted you to know that your caring enough to submit a review, made a difference. Thanks again!