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We would be more than happy to assist you with your account if you can contact us directly. You may contact us by calling 877-869-3310 or by emailing us at We look forward to helping you.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Instaflex company took 74.98 from my account in January. Soon after I received the product I called the customer service no.

and got a RMA no. to return the product . I took it to the post office and handed it to the postal worker and still did not receive the refund. They tell me they never received it.

How did they get to me? I have called numerous times and they tell me to talk to a supervisor and put me on hold or promise to have someone contact me within 72 hrs. and I'm still waiting.

Do not ever order from them ! It doesn't work anyway!!!

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I ordered Instaflex after reading all the great reviews. I knew I was ordering the 14 day trial supplement, I also knew that if I didn't call to cancel within a certain time frame that I would be charged $74.98 and sent a 30 day supply.

I ordered these for my Husband and would have to say that they have helped him immensely. He no longer has throbbing knees and his mobility has greatly increased.

I do not believe that this company misrepresented itself in any way, shape, or form.


I am another victim for two months. I cancelled today.

Be CAREFUL with this kinds of trial. It is my $150 leason.


I just sent an e-mail to Instaflex, which is my fourth attempt (the other three were two phone calls and a hard copy letter to their customer support) to remove the amount of $74.98 from my credit card account because, as instructed, I returned the unsolicited second bottle to them and included the proper return number and return information as instructed by their customer support. Their advertising makes the trusting individual think he/she is ordering a free sample with an additoional $4.99 for shipping.

It has now been about a month of attempts, and this overcharge of $74.98 has not been removed from my account. As others have been concerned, I am afraid that they will continue to charge my account because of their initial trick to get me to subscribe. Their customer support number is 877-869-3310.

Their address is INSTAFLEX, MS# 730, 341 W. 6100 SOUTH, MURRAY, UT 84107

The Instaflex advertising is a perfect bait-and-switch operation that will probably require a class-action lawsuit (welcome any atttorneys) that should be easy to register.


Never give your CC info out UNLESS you read the fine print....If you don't call within 18 days, which they state in the fine print...they will cahrge you...You cannot assume everyone is honest bc its just not so in this wicked world we live in.

Wickersley, England, United Kingdom #412806

I have tried to call the customer service number several times. After a message that says the call may be recorded for quality assurance,it disconnects.

Has anyone been successful in either getting his/her money back or stopping the automatic delivery? Thanks for any suggestions you may have.


The problem is as this company is the Main Problem, and is a SCAM -- CNN and FOX will be notified also, to tell them not to advertise at all -- our Lawyer is suing them.


I learned to read all places that offer a free sample. I got caught in this way before.

Never again. But, I do like the Instaflex, as it has helped me very much.

Rantauprapat, Sumatera Utara, Indonesia #341139

I understand the fustration coming from those who have been billed for the 79 some dollars, lesson learned, I read their terms and conditions which suprisingly were very clear and brief, and it clearly states there that if by the 18th day you dont contat them to let them know you did not like the product they will begin auto filling and auto drafts .. Lesson learned


This is the second time I have tried buying off of the net. The other purchase was from a company in Utah also.

Same way of doing business.

Instaflex will be on my list of tell others to not use. Then, to go to GNC and see it marked $20 less may give me the desire to take this to a legal level.


Lonnie - We are open Monday - Friday 8am-10PM EST and Saturday 9am-2PM Est at 877-869-3310, or you can email us anytime at


Instaflex Support


I just got the pillsand the bill is on my

bank statement. And It says reoccuring, So I want to stop it before they bill me again.

I tried to call not open on weekends.

What do I do Next.


We were charged for a month supply also without authorizing that purchase. The medicine does not work well at all. We are very disappointed and very aggravated at having such a huge charge on our credit card without authorizing it.


I was ripped off by Instaflex i.e. GNC.

I have been a customer of GNC for many years. I did not feel like I have to read the fine print of a Quality Company. I have filed a complaint with the KY. Attorney Generals Office & the BBB.

I am going to contact the Federal Trade Commission to get their take on this also. I am also going to harrass the CEO of GNC daily. They must know that their product does not work or they would not stoop to such un-ethical practices of auto-billing my account for $ 74.98 & refusing to refund my money even though they say that they have a money back guarantee if the product does not work.

I am also filing with I will never do business with GNC again.


Since they do disclose their billing pratice, I'm not so sure this is a scam. What they are doing is legal but in my opinion is unethical.

Giving 'Free Samples' is a great way to introduce a product; however, there should be no strings attached to it.

If the product works, the consumer will order more on their own. When I see that the company automatically puts the consumer on a autoship program, then that tells me the product is snake oil and they are looking to get at least one full billabe refill out the door before the consumer cancels.


As noted above, this is a VERY COMMON practice used by salespeople at many reputable vitamin and supplement companies. It is NOT the particular product that is a ripoff; it is the pseudoshady practice of autobill/autoship.

Do NOT engage in "FREE TRIALS" if and when they request your credit card or bank account information! Cmon people. Even if you cancel your subscription immediately, it is very likely you will still be charged for one month and need to request a refund several times, speak with your bank or credit card company, and MAYBE pay or demand the overdrafts incurred on your bank account (if you are as broke as I am)and unexpectedly are charged. To add to all of this; ITS VERY EASY to receive a bargain price on these products.

Negotiate a lower price and keep your walk-away will power if they don't budge. If they do budge, say "You're gonna need to go lower".

LOL, have fun with them and get a deal. Good day to you, Kerry


:) - Thanks for posting this information and ensuring I didn't fall for the scam. We all are looking for the silver bullet and these companies get your credit card and off the go!


I just called to cancel the auto ship program. The operator asked me why and I said I placed an order through GNC with the 20% off GNC Gold Card. She responded that since I did that they will offer me an auto ship program for $34.98 per month including shipping for 90 pills.


What is their phone number?


This seems to be a common business practice with online diet & supplement manufacturers. I had the same thing happen when ordering a small amount of Hyaluronic Acid (Ultimate HA) from Purity products.


I wish I could say that I read the small print but like some of the others I didn't. I sent them an email and told them if they were ethical they would make the trial offer "type size" and the "membership information" the same size and refund my money.

They replied with one of those RA numbers and told me they would refund my money. I also let my credit card company know about this so they are investigating also.

These guys are ***.