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We would be more than happy to assist you with your account if you can contact us directly. You may contact us by calling 877-869-3310 or by emailing us at We look forward to helping you.
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Can't cancel they keep sending it and we have contacted them it is not compatible with medicines currently taking. How do we stop these companies from taking advantage of consumers.

We have sent back the product before with explanation and they kept the payment and have not credited our account . this is an out and out rip off fraud. We can't afford these charges we are retired and on limited income.

How do we get them to cease and desist!!! where is the consumers affairs in all this!Refusing the delivery is easy getting the money back is another!!

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instead of going through all the trouble with your card company and wasting your time it's better to give them a call . You can cancel anytime you please and most likely sending back the product cancels your account and most likely if you didn't call for a return authorization , the company does not know your sending it back for a refund for all they could know your address could of been wrong and it got sent back to them .

I don't know but I don't have issues with this product or company being that I have knee problems and helps me out when I need it. But hey maybe people don't have time to make a simple 4 min phone call .


Tell them if you don't get the credits back in the days you specified, then you will file complaint against them with BBB and FTC. Then do file it online if you don't get your credits. Also dispute it with your credit card company; and tell the credit card company to block or stop paying anything from this vendor.