Austin, Texas

Up to me to figure out where i saw the instaflex ad and never go there again. Forget Doug Flutie as a friendly endorser, ***, .

Ordered the products. Never received yet charged over $100. for nothing. called the company line and fellow acted like he didn't know what the problem was...hello?

I am supposed to figure it out all on my own? Bank cancelled my card so the Instaflex corporation cannot charge me anymore.

I want my money back and now I am supposed to return products that I have not received to get my money back. Thanks.

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Fall River, Massachusetts, United States #1317626

Sent it back to the company a month ago and still never received my money back spoke to some one at instaflex 3 times and they gave me the run around bunch of crooks


We'd be happy to help you with the problem. If you can contact us at with your name and address we can look up the account. We have tracking info for every package sent, so if it was never delivered we can tell. We obviously would issue refunds for packages not received, if thus was the case, since there is nothing to return.

Please contact us at the email address above at your earliest convenience.

Instaflex support