When you order the free trial of "Instaflex Joint Support" for the processing fee of $4.99 you are also giving them permission to charge your credit card each month for a recurring supply of Instaflex.

It's all in the fine print. It you look at the fine print on your emailed receipt it says waaaayyy down near the bottom that you did indeed enroll in a monthly delivery of their product for $69 plus shipping. (actually around $75 w/shipping).

#4 Is actual info from my emailed recipt:

4. What are the terms of the trial offer?

From our website: "You have no obligation to buy anything in the future as long as you call to cancel the autoship program within 18 days after you place your order. If you do not cancel before then, you will be enrolled in our autoship program and, as part of the program, we will automatically send you a fresh one-month supply of Instaflex beginning in 18 days and every 30 days thereafter for just $69.99 plus $4.99 shipping and handling per supply, charged each month to the card you provide today. You may cancel anytime by calling 1-800-436-0920 and the sample is yours to keep. No future commitments, no hassles. Cancel any time."

End text from email.

They are unethical I'll give you that but the receipt said you must call a 1-800- 436-0920 to cancel your upcoming and monthly auto-shipment. They count your trial to start the day you order. So your time is almost up when you receive the free trial bottle.

Once you call you must be very straight forward and insist on canceling your account. They will say they will give you another free bottle but listen to their speech. If you get it they only move your trial period from 18 to 24 says. Be hard noised and say no and cancel your trial. Also keep your receipts, they may try and slip an order through; but your cancellation receipt will be proof to the bank that you followed their rules and will allow the bank to stop any further transactions and get you your money back.

My advice is if anyone wants to try this product, just buy it off Amazon from someone who isn't this company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Instaflex Free Trial.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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De verdad no funciona sigue el dolor ellos solo dicen que con el tiempo se va a componer mi rodilla pero solo lo dicen para seguir vendiendo el producto y me da anciedad


I want to know why I'm getting a free trial but I have to pay for shipping and handling but the total on the agreement says total 0$. It looks like this Pills =$0.00 Shipping $4.99 Total $0.00 So my question is why do I have to give my card number if it's free?


I have tried to contact In St a flex for the last few days without success causing anxiety for me as I want to cancel any subscription. Instaflex had no beneficial effects for me.

Yet reach in them is near impossible. I've found 3 different toll free numbers from which to call. No success there either. The web site takes you on a wild goose chase to reach customer service to call or submit a cancellation, again no success..

.. I suppose it's my own fault for falling for the possibility of pain relief.

What a fool! Not to be trusted!!!!!


Bastards won't answer the phone. Guess that's how they keep you enrolled. Have used it for over two months and has not changed a thing.


I tried your "Free trial offer". My wife called you to cancel future orders.

It did not work for me and my Dr says I will have to have my knee replaced.

You accepted my cancelation but then you sent me another bottle. I am going to have to return it to you and PLEASE NO MORE ORDERS...............


I tried free trial. I cancelled my future orders.

You accepted my cancellation. BUT YOU STILL SENT ME AN ORDER.

Now I have to return it. PLEASE NO MORE ORERS.


l would like to cancel my order because l am moveing to a new address

Agoura Hills, California, United States #1316580

I tried calling them and they had a recording but they never picked up the phone so I could not cancel my enrollment.

Martinsville, Virginia, United States #1277191

Thank you so much for the information

Houston, Texas, United States #1172743

not working