Nagpur, Maharashtra

I have tried the instaflex joint support supplements; they didn't work for me. Three years ago I was told I didn't have anything to worry about when I started feeling joint pain.

i was told you barely have any bone spurs and we don't understand why you are in pain. It is three years later and I had a fall because my right knee buckle on my morning walk. I went to a new doctor who told me I will need knee replacement on both my knees soon.

I am only 51 years old, the likely hood that I will need another knee replacement is high. I have no other choice my cartilage is all gone on both knees I have the same problem all over my body; I feel a lot of pain

I was told I should have been on antiflamatories a long time ago.

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Sounds like all your cartilage is already gone- if that's the case no amount of drugs can help you


I can understand, the original consumer does not seem pissed.


@Boon asked "WHY would you write a complaint here". Are you serious???

Did you read the site url? It is "" you ***!

Oh well, people like you fit the bill when it is said "you can't fix ***"! LOL


So why would you post a complaint here?

No supplement works for everybody. Your body chemistry has a lot to do with it.