Halifax, Nova Scotia

I registered to try the 14 day trail of instaflex. Two days after receiving the trial amount the company billed a 30 day perscription to my credit card. I did not have sufficient time to see if it worked or not. This company is a rip off. Read the fine print because you are signed up to receive this drug once you accept the 14 day trial. This is a very expensive drug and there are many more more effective drugs that can be found, and are quite a bit more inexpensive.

PS. The drug did nothing for me. I feel totally taken advantage of.

Buyer beware.

Pissed off.

Monetary Loss: $74.

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Skidmore, Missouri, United States #972586

I worked in a call center giving "free" samples, and my warning to all do not give your card number EVER for something free it is a way to send more product that is usually very expensive.


To all the concerned users of Instaflex. This stuff really works and I just got off the phone with them re: pricing and they put

me in a VIP category at the price of $29.99 + shipping for the 90-capsule bottle.

I agree that the negative comments are warranted by the way Instaflex does business but they do cooperate with the customer. I have done the 14-day trial plus 3/4 of a 90 pill bottle.

I have tried Joint Care or Glu/Chon stuff but got better relief from Instaflex. For my pain relief in my hands, the price is right.


Ordered Instaflex with all intentions of canceling NO WAY phone does not answer. You cannot get an answer to cancel thus your card will be attacked. Call your credit card or close your credit card as lost.


Ordered Instaflex with all intentions of canceling NO WAY phone does not answer. You cannot get an answer to cancel thus your card will be attacked. Call your credit card or close your credit card as lost.


who have posted your issues/complaints with Instaflex.

I was fully prepared to place an order for the 14 day free trial, when thankfully, I happened to stumble across this site.

I have secondary progressive MS (multiple sclerosis) and I'm on several different medications, as prescribed by my neurologist.

My initial concern, of course, was if Instaflex would be compatable with the medications I'm on.

Therefore, before ordering, I thought it best I speak with someone at Instafex, who might be able to address my concerns.

For nearly 3 hours, I repeatedly, off and on, attempted to get through to "customer support" at the phone number given, 877-869-3310. Each and every time, I got what appeared to be a busy signal. I finally gave up.

I couldn't help but wonder why there would only be 1 line for "customer support" and also, would it not be more professional & common courtesy, to have an answering machine/service in place? Espescially with the "supposed" volume of people benefitting from the product(s)

Now,feeling a little skeptical, I went back to my computer & decided to do a little digging around on the company & product. That's when I thankfully, found all of you!

I cannot thank you all enough, you saved me not only money, but alot of stress and hassle that I don't at all need!

I won't forget the name Instaflex and if I ever hear anyone mention a interest in it...I'll be sure to direct them to pissedconsumer.

Obviously, that is what anyone having any dealings with this company will end up being!

I again thank you all from the depths of my heart, and at the same time, I am sorry for all of your losses that you've each suffered.

Companies such as Instaflex, not only make a bad name for other companies, (who are truly honest, fair, reputable and who have the customers best interest & satisfaction at heart), but also, for us consumers, they take away the convenience and pleasure of shopping online.

IF they had a conscience, they'd be too ashamed, to ever be able, to face themselves in a mirror.

I sincerely hope that Instaflex will take on the responsibility of resolving all of your issues, both honestly and fairly.

Thanking each of you again,

Take care everyone,


to Many thanks to all of you... Toronto, Ontario, Canada #787199

Check out www.educate-yourself.org and you're sure to find something for your condition and situation. Good luck.


Thank you for posting this. I was about to order it last night.

They were charging a shipping fee of $4.99 which I thought was fair, however, I was worried about providing my VISA number and having additional fees added to my card so I stopped and decided to do more research this morning. Glad I read the comments, Thanks, Barbara