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Hi Kathleen, our records show that we received your return product and you were issued a full refund. Please don't hesitate to contact us back at 877-869-3310 if you need any further assistance.
Portland, Oregon

Main Point: Product does not work

More Importantly: I canceled within the time period and they still withdrew from my account. They shipped the product anyway after I already canceled.

I used an alternative Bank account that has very little $$ in it, so after their charge I was overdraft with an additional $30 dollar overdraft fee. I called them and they said they would refund me after they recieved the product back, but they would not cover my overdraft fees. I sent the product back the day I recieved it.

I recieved a partial refund and thats all. Fraud Alert!!!

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SCAM,SCAM,SCAM, I HAVE TRIED TO GET MY money back for weeks nothing i went to my bank nothing DO NOT USE A CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD THEY WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY,AGAIN scam.buyer BEWARE.


please cancel any future orders/shipments of the product i am unable to take this product

louise demarco

143 leektown rd lot-40

egg harbor city n.j.


i spoke to mike today @1-877-869-3310 and he said he would cancel our account today


I purchased the free sample of Instaflex.

I used a bank acct with very little money in it to protect me against re-occurring unauthrized charges...which happened! When I called they said they I had not cancelled; I said I had

never ordered, they said when you buy the

free sample you automtically get product sent

unless you the tiny tiny pint that came in the box with a bunch of other junk.

They did agree to refund my money once I retd the un-ordered product. It took them 3 months to refund my money but not the shippping cost to mail back to them. I like the product because all the others I used seem to stop working...Now I have to cut of my nost to spite my face! I will not deal with a company that cheats me. Do not order their free product unless you want to receive it for life!! I am now looking for an alternative product.


I wonder if the same underlying organization is behind both InstaFlex and LeanSpa. I have had a similar bad experience with LeanSpa (times 2 because LeanSpa sells 2 products together, one for "weight loss" and the other for "colon health").

They put a front story on their selling website about some news anchor that has done the 30-day "free trial" blah, blah, blah. Then, less that a week after you order, they start pulling out charges of $79.99.

I had my bank dispute the charges and I've filed with the Connecticut Better Business Bureau. The InstaFlex stories are so similar, I wouldn't be surprised if the same "machine" is behind both products...



If you can contact us directly we'd be happy to look into your situation further. Please email us at

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