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Hi Chiquita, we show that your account was canceled at your request and that we received your return. You were issued a full refund for the return received. Please don't hesitate to contact us back if you need any further assistance.
North Windham, Connecticut

i ordered a bottle of instaflex for a introductory price of $4.99 for a 2 week trial period one week ago and they have billed my card for an additional $75.00 @midnight on the 31st, today. The agreement was to try it and if it works then I can order the product but with my authorization, not because they had my payment info.

Never again and I want my money back on my card immediately!!!!!!!! Ironiclly, as I went to the complaint department I found a site that tells people about this happening to others but I had alreasy placed my order and my acct info was already compromised.

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fine print is not fine print when the font size is the same as everything else on their ; people are just too excited about free and forget to read exactly what they are signing themselves up for .. What kind of common sense is that , hello


I had the same experience as this person, did try emailing the address in the response, but got my email message back as underliverable, as this is apparently a fake address.


Perhaps you are better to order this from a third-party. I ordered Instaflex as a trial, they charged $5 for shipping. Once they had my credit card number they took it upon themselves to "enroll" me, send me a second bottle and charge my card 79.68.

A phone conversation with customer support and their supervisor was not taken seriously.

It's the "Oh well, too bad, guess you didn't read our fine print" speech. Really?

I actually would have given this more of a chance if they played fair. Wouldn't want to patronize a company that stoops to this kind of trap. Would you?


We are more than happy to help you with your account and the refund process but we'll need you to contact us directly in order to locate your account. We can be reached at 877-869-3310 or you can email us at We look forward to assisting you