Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
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As per their advertising, I ordered a 14-day supply of this product for $4.99 and began taking it. Less than a month later (probably right after the 14-day period), I received another bottle.

I didn't think I ordered this bottle, so I checked my account to find that not only was I charged the $4.99, but a later charge was found for $74.99. Somewhere on their website there is probably a statement that says if I don't cancel within a certain time (probably 14 days), then I will automatically be a continuing customer. After talking to their SECOND representative and complaining, she told me that it is easy to find this additional information on their website. But when a company advertises for a 14-day supply, that's what I expect to pay for, and for nothing else.

I didn't even have time to determine whether the product was working. This is a scam, and any thoughts that I had of respecting this company are gone forever. Protect your charge account.

Don't buy this product.

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Same here . I order 14 day sample supply and paid 4.99 Shipping.

Paid with Discover card was just charge 74.98 for additional supply. Got RMA number.

Now calling

Discover to dispute charges. Buyers beware!!!!!