Brooklyn, New York

I have gotten results from Instaflex but I decided to cancel my auto-shipment due to the price - about $75.00 a month. When I called to cancel they told me they could continue my auto-shipment for about $35.00 a month.

They refunded $40.00 for last month and gave me 90 days to take advantage of the offer. SO - the moral of the story is - if you're on auto-ship for full price, call to cancel and you'll save $40.00 a month!!!

Have your customer id available. The phone # is 1-877-869-3310.

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What a scam. I did`t see any positive review so far.Instaflex is a totally scam stealing money smart way. Need some legal action against this kind of companies.


Cancel my order and shipement now 10/30/11.

Iam doing thesame on my creidet card.


I did not ask for this junk forever either and I got a new shipment before I even finished the "free" sample. I hope I can stop it and get a refund! It is a fraud.


I never asked them to send me Instaflex forever. They started charging my credit card but I never received any bottle . only the first month...they are crooks.


those prices dont apply to everyone