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People, please stop calling them "unauthorized charges" (except for those occurring post-cancellation). I'm seeing a lot of "I ordered the trial and two weeks later they charged me $74.98. I never authorized that second charge." Someone even complained that the $4.99 shipping/handling charge was unauthorized!! Why the heck do you think you gave them you credit card number if not to pay shipping and handling, genius?

Read this carefully: If you purchased the "free trial" for a shipping charge of $4.99, you authorized the next charge UNLESS you cancelled within 18 days of placing your order.

The full notice on the Free Trial Order page, DIRECTLY under the giant arrow you click to get your free trial and impossible to miss, says: "Click the 'Rush My Trial' button at right to receive a free 14-day trial of Instaflex. Pay only shipping and handling today and have no obligation to buy anything in the future as long as you call to cancel within 18 days after the date you place your order. (This allows 4 days shipping and processing plus your 14 day trial period). To cancel, call 1-877-869-3310. If you don't cancel within the next 18 days, you will be automatically enrolled in the Instaflex Auto-Ship Program. Begining at the end of the trial period and about every 30 days thereafter, we will send you a one month supply of Instaflex for the highly discounted rate of $69.99 plus $4.99 for shipping and handling, automatically charged to the card you provide today. Cancel any time."

So, complain if you cancelled your subscription and they continued to charge you and ship product and refused to issue a refund. Complain if they shipped your first full bottle less than 18 days after you placed your original order.

Complain that they lied about the price being a "highly discounted rate of $69.99," since that's $1 more than you pay at Amazon.com & Drugstore.com, and the same as you pay at GNC (the only other places to buy it) - and $15 more than GNC if you use a GNC Gold Card when you purchase. But stop whining about charges you had every reason to know were forthcoming except that you didn't bother to read the terms.

Sheesh, people, use your brains, won't you?

Product or Service Mentioned: Instaflex Free Trial.

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:grin people are such idiots, trying to justify their stupidity by calling it a scam :grin :grin next time, read the fine print :grin


And people like you, sir or ma'am (scammed) are just the types who never read over things and expect things handed to you. I think as unethical as you think it may be, retalliating and bashing a perfectly good running company is nothing more than childish.

Yes, everyone has a right to an opinion, but using profanity won't help you learn how to read things or solve your problems. So lesson learned for next time I suppose.


I know I saw it!...And i am NOT a crook.. LoL!

I went to go get myself a sample..

saw the credit card field....

scanned the page for terms and conditions...

and saw it there PLAIN AS DAY!...


Hit the hills running!!!!... yesssss even on my busted up hip!!.. LoL!

If i want it bad enough i'll just purchase a single bottle...

I'm not gunna go into a reoccuring payment contract without knowing what i'm buying.. :-O


Way to go! It is very clear on the website, IF you bother to read (or CAN read. If you had any concerns BEFORE you gave them your credit card, why oh why didn't you call the toll free number to ask, like I just did!


Go screw yourself....you're probably one of the crooks that run the company..