Milton, Washington

i AM GOING TO TRY THIS ONE MORE TIME. Instaflex sent me a full bottle of the advanced pills and charged my credit card before the supposed time was up. I sent them an email telling them not to send me any more and how I could get my money back. Tuesday I received ANOTHER full bottle charging it to my credit account, Then I found a complaint web sight to Instaflex and found out that I was not the only one having trouble with them. Many sent their bottles back and never got their refund and some had actually talked to a human being who had made promises, etc. which never came to fruition. Many complained as to how a business could operate like thieves, etc.

Some had notified the BBB which is what I intend to do as well. Possibly notify my lawyer as I don't think any business should be able to do this to their customers.

Now I will see if you do anything about this. I have not opened either bottle that I received and I want to send them back.

These people are very crafty. No invoice in the package (so there is no shipping or any other number top identify, no amount in the web sight stating what the cost would be. In the first email I sent I told them that I am on SS and can't afford that cost.

Let see if you are any better. Betty McLendon Auburn, Washington

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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