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BEWARE, the so called "14 day free trial" actually means you are also agreeing to enroll in their autoship program. This means they keep sending you a monthly supply whether you want it or not and of course they get to charge the credit card you gave them to cover the shipping charges on the free trial order.

Try calling their customer service 1-800 number to cancel - they call that customer service.

Very condescending customer service representatives who do everything they can to try and convince you to stay on the program. They basically call you *** if you tell them you didn't know you had to enroll in the autoship program with the free trial.

This company cannot possibly stay in business very long with this kind of cutomer service, sales and marketing startegy. GOOD LUCK Instaflex and Consumers BEWARE this is a scam to get your money.

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Why Oh!! WHY do people STILL fall for the ***/*** put out by these people?

All it takes to check these *** merchants is to "Google" the Company name.Please!! use common-sense PLEASE!!