Sioux Falls, South Dakota

If all you Idiots would just read, you wouldn't feel 'scammed' and would know that you are ordering a TRIAL or SAMPLE bottle, and if you don't call to cancel you'll be billed for and shipped a new supply of the product every month. It's not the company's fault you put your credit card info onto their site and didn't make sure you knew what you were signing up for, they tell you, you just chose not to read and understand, and then you run to the internet to complain when YOU alone were the one responsible for knowing what you're doing with your credit card information!

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Welcome to capitalism folks. Especially when you have rich fat cats over in Washington who dont give a *** about the populace, and will do anything to gain some more money, even if meens scaming you out of yours, and fighting regulation.


The problem isn't that people don't know what they are signing up for it's that when you call to cancel they tell you ok it's cancelled and the next month they send you another bottle of the ***.

They are illegally sending product that we have repeaedly told them we don't want and won't stop charging our card.


The problems is not that the customer is ***. The root of the problem is that the majority of the politicians are greedy *** selling their votes for a few dollars to any crooked corporation that wants to get rich quick. The consumer doesn't stand a chance on staying a float in system governed by greed and thugs running every facet of every corporation.