Los Angeles, California

They are sending me unauthorized bottles of their joint support after the $4.99 sample. I tried calling them, I will have to get a hold of my credit card company and cancel and file complaint.

Just adding my 2 cents to this ongoing scam. I hope I will be able to get this streightened out and get a refund, however after all I read here it is unlikely. Good luck to us all dealing with this unscrupulious company.

I am upset that their are no consumer advocasy groups set up to help people like us. It's ashame this company preys on the old and low income.

Robert from California

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Sent me a big bottle and charged my acct for 74.plus I didn't even order this for me I just paid shipping for my mother law who said she doen't feel any better after taking this. I have contacted my credit card company and will return this product.

Shame on you instaflex. I think GNC should be more careful who they deal withif this is the way yo do business.


Robert - if you can give us a call at 877-869-3310 or email us at support@instaflex and we'll be happy to help straighten this out and give you return information for a refund.

- Instaflex Support