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Hi Victor,

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San Miguel De Allende, Guanajuato

I participated in an introductory offer for $4.95 from Instaflex, then they kept billing me for 74.95 for two succeeding months. This company is a scam, rip-off.

There should be some kind of way to regulate this kind of company. I see that there have been many complaints to the same effect. The Credit Card companies should have a method of flagging these kinds of operations. Or is it that they since they benefit also from these unauthorized payments they turn a blind eye to these thieves.

Speaking clearly that is what they are.

Why doesn't someone *** them.? Victor Klassen

Monetary Loss: $74.

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I also suscribed for a free trial of instaflex. I received the bottle with a charge to my credit card, and keep receiving them even more often than every month and charged to the credit card with which I paid ONLY for delivery expenses for my ONE BOTTLE FREE TRIAL. I would like for the company to stop sending me what i have not authorized.




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