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Hi Norvin, we show that both of your accounts have been canceled and fully refunded. Please don't hesitate to contact us back directly at 877-869-3310 if you need any further assistance in the future.
Rockingham, North Carolina

I ordered a FREE sample bottle of INSTAFLEX and without any direction from myself, I was placed on their auto send list for $74.98. I did not want to continue getting the product at that very high price. Products of equal ingredients don't cost half that amount. And also the bottles are not sealed so that one can tell if they have been tampered with. I am very unhappy with the marketing process and I have not used the product but no one can tell because the bottles are not sealed.

Please STOP sending me the produc!!

iNVOICE #274850

Norvin E. Forester

104 McDonald Drive

Rockingham, NC 28379

Monetary Loss: $74.

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