Roanoke, Virginia
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Of course I had no response from instaflex. They told me when I first ordered it on 10/11/11 that I had a stockpile and wanted to defer the next shipment.That was a lie!

I cancelled it on that date and found it did not help me. I told them not to send anymore shipments. They said to me if I decided to renew for the reduced price of $35.00 I would have to renew by 02/2002. I did not and they were dragging stating a shipment was mailed.

I called my bank and sent letter to BBB. Things progressed rapidly after that. My bank, Wells Fargo, returned my money as a loan, until Instaflex returned my money. I was impressed with the bank!

They called Instaflex. They told the bank I was stockpiling pills and reordered in February of 2012. Such a lie. So dishonest!

Then they said they recorded all phone conversations. I would love to hear that. There should be a way to warn people about them! I was so angry because that charge put me in the rears.

I could have had a bounced debit because of them. It would have cost me at least $70.00 for returned item but the bank saved me.

Bank with Wells Fargo. They believed me.

Monetary Loss: $35.

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Well, you just did somebody, because I hunted and found yours, and others, comments and will now NOT buy Instaflex! Thanks for taking the time! Feel better.