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Hi Bibiane,

your account was canceled at the request of this post.

If you need any additional help we can be reached directly at 877-869-3310 or by emailing us at
Montreal, Quebec
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I did'nt ask for that, I ask for the first free 15 days and anyway I can't take them because I take pills for high pression.

I am retired and I don't have the money to pay something I don't want and that I don't utilise.

Please can't somebody tell me how to stop that, I really don't know. I think that it is illegal to do what Instaflex do. How can they use people like that?

Excuse the way I wrote, because I am french from Quebec, but I try and wish you undersand.

Thank you, Bibiane

Monetary Loss: $375.

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Just contact them and they will help you . It'll straighten out everything for you