Roanoke, Virginia

I wrote letters to; BBB explaining my circumstances and three months later they started, deducting again from my checking account, without my authorization..

I notified my bank of this and they called them. Wells fargo, frowns on fraud. Thank you!

If you can imagine, Travis from instaflex told them that I stocked piled my pills, and when I used all of them to restart in February. That is not true! They told me that if I wanted to have the reduced amount of $35.00 I would have to call them on 2/12/2012. I cancelled in 10/21/2011. Emphasized I did not authorize. I spoke to no one regarding renewing it.

Call your bank, credit card and BBB. The location is in Utah.

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How do we warn and protect other suckers?/ Ther should be a way to attach warning to their free sucker advertisement. Hiding theft in small print should not be allowed, let's get ODUMBO's consumer illegal to protect us, OK?


Just found how they screwed me, i've heard all the promises, will see how long it takes. Still working on notifying credit union


Actually calling your bank or the BBB does nothing, call the company first. Banks know that the charge was legal, maybe it was an error on reading terms and conditions?