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I too could have been a victim of charges with NO SIGNUP. I keep a daily watch on my credit card bank statement and I knew the product was on it's way when I saw the $74.88 hit my cc account.

I immediately called them and told them I didn't want the product. They told me that they wouldn't send a 2nd shipment but I would have to pay for the one they had already sent. When the package arrived I marked "Refused Delivery" and dropped it back at the USPS. Look out as they do not use the Instaflex name on the package...it is Superior Distribution or something like that.

After I took the package to USPS I called my VISA card people and filed a dispute. They are part of PNC Bank and they always come through for me.

I have the $74.88 credited back to my account without a problem. VISA knows about these scammers as they say they get these dispute calls on a daily basis.

Reason of review: to help others.

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Victoria, British Columbia, Canada #894837

I just received this email from "suppoprt@instaflex.com". Unfortunately I will believe this when it actually happens - in the mean time - I notified VISA and am hopeful of a refund.

"Order Cancellation

Dear Michael

This e-mail contains information confirming that your Instaflex Monthly Enrollment has been canceled.

We're sorry to see you leave the program but understand your decision. Thank you for trying Instaflex.

Cancelled on: November 3, 2014

Customer # 8597670 Original Order # 6454625 We hope you had a positive and beneficial experience using Instaflex and hope to see you again someday in the future. We're confident that Instaflex relieves our customers' joint discomfort. If you would like to talk about reactivating your membership, please call us at 1-877-869-3310.

For any further questions about your order or any products/services, please feel free to visit our FAQ or Contact Us sections at www.instaflex.com. Additionally, we're excited to inform you that Instaflex is now available through GNC stores.

Instaflex is available for purchase directly through GNC online at their website GNC.com or at your local GNC store . For assistance, call our toll free customer service line: 1-877-869-3310 Sent on: November 3, 2014"

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada #894834

I got charged the $74.98. I called their 1-800-436-0920 number.

I told them I did not order the product. The young lady on the phone stated "I will cancel your order and send you a form which you must fill in and return to us in order to receive your refund.

Be sure to put all your information on the form including your credit card number."

I contacted VISA and refused the payment giving them the complete story. I also contacted the Better Business Bureau and consumer credit - I filed a report with both agencies.

This company's scam is almost like the "aluminum siding scam" of the 60's - but is using Canada Post to legitimize them.


Same thing happened to me. All I wanted was the sample and ended up with a bottle in the mail and 2 charges for about $80 including 5 for shipping on my card.

When I contacted them they were rude and promised to send me a return mailer label which they never did.

thanks to my Cabelas VISA for removing the charge.

Modesto, California, United States #883264


SCAM! SCAM! The add is written to make you believe you get a bottle of joint pain pills for $4.99. What you get is a permanent, recurring, automatic deduction from your Bank Account for $74.99!!!

This is their Business Model! I am ashamed of America allowing this type of business to RIP OFF people in pain!

W.T.H. Who are we?