Poway, California

I ordered a free sample that carried a 4.95 shipping charge. This charge was used to get ahold of my credit card information, which opened the door for the unsolicited shipment of a months supply of the medication that carried a charge of 79.97.

It is a disgrace when a company can use these kinds of criminal practices and not only get away with it, but continue to flourish using the aforementioned practices. This kind of behavior by a company should be immediately stopped by the authorities. This (in my opinion) is a blatantly criminal enterprise and should be completely shut down ASAP. The people that set this operation in motion most definitely knew before hand of the deviousness of this scam.

This company should be investigated for fraud and organized criminal behavior with the intent to profit at the expense of an unsuspecting public. Instaflex unfortunately will probably continue to operate without repercussions and that is a travesty.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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